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At Factor Blue, we work using clear steps, and you always have a project manager as your permanent point of contact.

Our working method in clear steps.

Getting to know each other

We would like to know a number of things before we say 'yes'. Who is the customer? Which company works with these customers? What is the question? Which potential links are there with Factor Blue and the services we provide?


From idea to concrete plan: it works. Thanks to a brainstorming session, we learn more about each other, about the project to be carried out and about the time and costs involved. This produces a functional and technical design.


We usually work with agile scrum: small, clear steps (sprints) and weekly updates. This provides both us and you with a clear, up-to-date insight into the development of the project. Of course there will be a review after each sprint, as well as as many contact moments as possible.


After development, there’s the launch. A euphoric moment full of pride, satisfaction and a number of other things. Think of a delivery document with instructions for the use of the systems, but also of the transfer of rights and licences.

Developing further

Of course we are very curious about how things will go after the launch. Are there any questions? Or does something need to be developed further? We maintain active contact, because we like to see success last as long as possible.

You the success with the customer, we the technical tasks.

Marketing, communication or advertising agency? Then we would like to offer our knowledge and services for custom development and hosting. See it as a clever partnership that enables you to leave the competition miles behind, Curious?

Contact us with a challenge. Just do it!

Do you have a good idea or a specific question? Perhaps our FAQ page will help you further. Of course, you can also present your challenge directly to us.