< Hosting that never lets down a site, shop or application>

A website/shop or application is not the extension, but the very embodiment of your company or organisation. Something like that deserves a solid foundation - and that starts with good hosting.

Whether it is a corporate website, an extensive webshop or a multifunctional web or app platform: it must be accessible. Anywhere, anytime, with as little loading time as possible. But how do you compare the different types of hosting? And which one do you choose for your own site, shop, platform or application?

For (web-based) applications, we work with a customised server: SaaS hosting (Software as a Service). We also arrange the installation/placement, maintenance and management of the application hosting.

Choice of different hosting solutions.

Virtual Private or Shared hosting? Which one suits you best depends on a number of factors. To give you a better idea, read the most important characteristics and differences here:

Virtual Private Server (VPS)
Hosting via VPS means that your web or app software is hosted on a virtual server - "in the cloud" - within a physical server with a lot of memory. This gives you your own server with which you can do almost the same as with a dedicated server. An operating system (Windows or Linux) can also be installed on a VPS.

Within a VPS you have all the freedom and responsibility to set up and maintain the server according to your wishes. Managed VPS takes maintenance, equipment and monitoring off your hands.

Shared hosting
Shared hosting is the classic type of hosting. It means that you share a server with multiple users. For an average website and a medium-sized webshop, this is a common choice.

With shared hosting, we do ensure that every user within the server can use his or her own 'power'. With shielded parts per user, so one website or webshop is not bothered by the other.

More than enough hosting choices, but what do you choose?

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Challenges we already accepted.

These are a number of customers alongside whom we ourselves – or in collaboration as a technical partner – have already faced and conquered a number of challenges.

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