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Dutch is our mother tongue and our English is quite decent, too. However, we’re mostly fans of the language to end all other languages: programming language. And all the accents that go with it.

Systems that work for you and not against you. Communicating more effectively internally and externally. And optimising business processes to save more money and time. That's what good web and application solutions should deliver. And that's exactly what we do at Factor Blue. That is why we choose the best of all existing systems in combination with custom development. So that we can help your company or organisation with solutions that really add value.

Web & app: that's what we call functional art.

When it comes to development, we are prestigious. We like to make beautiful things and technical tours de force, but above all, what we make has to be functional. The possibilities are almost endless:

The three advantages of a custom web-based application:

1. Cost reduction
Custom web-based applications are focused on the processes within your own company or organisation. In contrast to standard solutions where you pay for unnecessary functionality or where you incur long-term costs due to the inefficiency of the standard solutions.

2. Time gain
What's in a name? Tailor-made, so fully adapted to the workflow within your company or organisation. In the long term, this saves a great deal of time. Thanks to the scrum method (which we use within our projects), you have control over how you spend the budget.

3. Great support
If something doesn't work or if you have a hard time understanding something, then you just want to be helped quickly. Simple. With our customised online solutions, you also buy the certainty that you will be helped by someone who knows the software through and through. Not an anonymous helpdesk, but a permanent partner who can help you directly when needed.

Want to get to know each other? It's free

Curious about what we can do? Curious which solution we can think up for your question? There is always time for coffee in between programming.

User advice and hosting.

A good user experience and user interface: we demand it for everything we build. We create user-friendly online software, we give advice in advance and we teach all those involved how to work with it. Preferably everyone at all levels of the company or organisation.

And last but not least: hosting. The basics. A web or app solution has to do it. Always and everywhere, fast and securely. To accomplish this, good hosting with a high uptime guarantee, sufficient backups and very fast charging time is a requirement.

We develop the solution that optimizes processes.

The best technical solution for your question? We would love to put our brains and fingers to the test. Feel free to call or mail<coffee>Or just come and visit us in Nijmegen.</coffee>

You the success with the customer, we the technical tasks.

Marketing, communication or advertising agency? Then we would like to offer our knowledge and services for custom development and hosting. See it as a clever partnership that enables you to leave the competition miles behind, Curious?

Contact us with a challenge. Just do it!

Do you have a good idea or a specific question? Perhaps our FAQ page will help you further. Of course, you can also present your challenge directly to us.