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Knowledge only becomes valuable if you apply it correctly. We like to involve users in the development process and teach them how to work with what we make, because that works.

Making a smart application is one thing. Rolling it out in or alongside existing programmes and systems is a bit more complicated. And the biggest challenge has not even been identified yet: all parties involved need to learn to work with it. Now and in the long term.

Advice: specific and all-round

That's why Factor Blue gives advice: specific and in the broadest sense. What do we mean by that? We advise on everything we make ourselves, but also on applications that are not (entirely) developed by us.

By specific we mean custom-made work. Advice can be given 1-on-1 or in a group session, for example in the form of training. In addition, depending on what we deliver, advice is an indispensable part on top of the introduction and aftercare we offer for all our services.

Want to get to know each other? It's free

Curious about what we can do? Curious which solution we can think up for your question? There is always time for coffee in between programming.

IT architecture

As a company or organisation, there is one thing you always have to deal with: information. Nowadays, this is available in abundance and through countless channels. Business processes must always be optimal, so that users and employees can quickly access the necessary information. A well thought-out IT architecture is therefore indispensable for every company and organisation.

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System and app implementation

The system or application has been developed. Technically, it is well constructed, it has been extensively tested and it also looks nice. And now? Implementation: ensuring that employees, suppliers or anyone else starts using it. This never happens by itself.

More about system and app implementation

Application management

With applications, you can do all sorts of things. Starting with the form: a web app, a native app or a hybrid app. Once that choice has been made, and the application has been built, you can look at the best way to manage the application. So that the app will continue to work in the long term.

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Challenges we already accepted.

These are a number of customers alongside whom we ourselves – or in collaboration as a technical partner – have already faced and conquered a number of challenges.

AquaTru Water.

Maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen? Voor sommigen een holle kreet, maar anderen zien het juist als randvoorwaarde voor hun ondernemerschap.

Dat geldt ook voor AquaTru, die producten voor puur en zuiver drinkwater verkoopt.


Technische optimalisatie van een webshop gebeurt aan de achterkant. Onzichtbaar zou je zeggen, maar bezoekers en medewerkers van All4Fysio merken het aan alles.

Het resultaat? Snelheidswinst van 30% en expodentieel toenemende verkoopcijfers.

Contact us with a challenge. Just do it!

Do you have a good idea or a specific question? Perhaps our FAQ page will help you further. Of course, you can also present your challenge directly to us.