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Everyone at Factor Blue has the right hint of blue. Why blue? Because it stands for the structure and precision we put into our work. We are the stable factor: Factor Blue.

A well-oiled machine, excellent when it comes to technology.

Business-like, but not aloof. Secure, but not cold. Perfectionist, but not over-the-top. These are characteristics of 'blue' people and of Factor Blue.

We are a technical partner for e-commerce and web applications: development, hosting and consultancy. For whom? Companies and organisations that dare to innovate, using both common solutions and customised solutions. Get to know our people:


Technical lead en Magento frontend developer

It was love at first sight between Jesper and e-commerce. Because this infatuation never passed, he specialized in Magento. As technical lead, he is responsible for putting together and supervising the team of programmers at the offices in the Netherlands and Serbia.


PHP backend developer

Leon is an enthusiastic developer with the necessary years of experience in IT and the right blue character. He likes to work using the Laravel PHP framework and is also specialising in Magento (2) development.


Magento backend developer

Darko is an experienced PHP developer specializing in the field of Magento. He builds the most complex solutions and also ensures that they are programmed in a structured way. In addition, he ensures that the existing systems continue to function smoothly and that bugs are quickly solved.


Magento frontend developer

Nikola is Magento frontend specialist. He takes care that the design on the right deployment with the Magento features. By using the latest frontend techniques and writing well structured code he provides also for optimal performance.


Frontend developer

Dave provides technical translation from the design to frontend functionality. He builds good looking and nice working frontends from the most complex designs. On this moment he is doing education for Magento frontend development.


Project manager

Reyer carefully lists wishes and requirements, translates these into documentation and knows how to explain technically complex matters in a clear and comprehensible manner. Prior to, during and after a project, he will provide sound advice and the right kind of support.


Project manager

Marly certainly makes the blue of Factor Blue come true. She closely monitors project progress, supervises programmers in consultation with the customer and monitors the progress and budget within a project.

Challenges we already accepted.

These are a number of customers alongside whom we ourselves – or in collaboration as a technical partner – have already faced and conquered a number of challenges.

You the success with the customer, we the technical tasks.

Marketing, communication or advertising agency? Then we would like to offer our knowledge and services for custom development and hosting. See it as a clever partnership that enables you to leave the competition miles behind, Curious?

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